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Strong hold / Natural finish

What Is Claymore

A truly exceptional styling clay that is extra tough and gritty. A strong hold and a natural finish creates a semi-matte texture that leaves hair looking rough and ready.


Contains a precise blend of naturally occurring kaolin & bentonite clays that actually absorb excess oils.

How To Use

For maximum texture, work a fingerfull between your palms until soft and apply to  blow-dried hair using your fingertips to create a strong separation.

Smells Like

Clean laundry

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Effective and Handsome

Effective for its task. It keeps the hair natural looking without a greasy shine, and it smells wonderful

Victory Brand Products

The Claymore was great along with the other products I ordered. Everyone I’ve used them on so far have loved all of them!

Great products

I found that at a barber I used to go to. I stopped going, but still wanted the product. The site was so easy to use and the price was perfect. I received what I needed in about 3 days. Very impressed and will continue to order online!!!

Love This Product

My hair stylist got this product at a conference she went to and gave me the sample she got there. I used it as sparingly as I could but was super happy with the results. I finally ran out and had to get more but she said that it was only available from Victory Barber & Brand (she couldn't get it here in Austin, TX) so I went online and was kind of surprised at the price. I bought it but was pleasantly surprised that it was a huge container (not like the smaller sample size I was given by my stylist) so I thought it was worth the money -- well it is worth the money.

Rub it together a lot and then your hair is a beautiful mess, or just beautiful. I really really enjoy using this product after blow drying my hair. I have to straighten just the ends of my hair after blow drying because the humidity and my natural curl after a few hours will take over. Having this product in my hair helps keep it the way I want and I would recommend it!

Leads from the front!

Claymore keeps my hair where I want it all day long. It leaves my hair looking natural but sophisticatedly styled. I ship this product to Portland, Maine as I have not been able to find an equally awesome product. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hair clay?

Victory Claymore is a sticky, beeswax-based clay that is used for creating heavy separation, super strong control, chunky textures and a semi-matte finish in the hair. It operates best in shorter hair styles on thick- and medium-textured hair, but with our proprietary blend of natural clays, a small amount can also work magic in finer hair.

When should I use hair clay

You can use Claymore in any hair type to create hairstyles that require super strong control or chunky defined textures. It is ideal for shorter styles to maximize the texture and amp up the attitude.

How do I apply hair clay?

For maximum benefit and texture, Victory Brand Claymore should be applied to dry hair. Blow-dry the hair to maximize the volume and texture. Take a fingerful of Victory Brand Claymore and work it between the palms until it's soft and spreadable. Apply to the hair using your fingertips to create a chunky, separated texture.

Problem & Solution

Most clays contain petroleum, which builds up in the hair and is difficult to remove. Victory Brand Claymore is a natural beeswax base that is easily washed from the hair and does not require abrasive cleansers or hours of scrubbing to remove.

Many clay products break down over the day due to natural oils from the scalp. Victory Brand Claymore has a proprietary clay blend that actually ABSORBS natural oils, keeping the hair workable and the product preforming all day long.

Can I use it in fine hair?

YES! Victory Brand Claymore is amazing in fine hair! Its proprietary clay blend helps keep it extra-dry, which helps keep fine hair looking full and reduces the chance of the hair looking oily. A little goes a long way.

How much do I use?

That depends on your hair texture. On thick hair, use a fingerful that is roughly the size of a lima bean, for medium hair use less, and for fine hair, use only a little.

Will it weigh my hair down?

No. Victory Brand Claymore is exceptionally strong-holding and because it absorbs oil, it will not get heavier as the day goes on.

Can I comb through it?

YES. Many people have written to us to tell us how much they love it for creating classic looks that require extra hold and control.

Should I apply this wet or dry?

We recommend dry for this one.

What do you mean semi-matte?

We mean that even though it is classified as a matte finish product, it still has a slight natural sheen. This prevents the product from looking “chalky” in the hair.