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Grooming Glossary: Simple Terms For Teaching Male Clients To Style At-Home

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Let’s be real for a sec: The average guy typically struggles in the styling department. And if your client is looking more confused after he leaves your chair, it probably means your teaching could use some tweaking. To help, Barber and Victory Barber & Brand™ Founder Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad) is sharing client-friendly terms to help you explain the dos and don’ts of grooming to clients.

Scroll down to learn easier ways for explaining beard anatomy, a show and tell approach to applying products and of course—helping guys with the dreaded blow-dry.  


Once the client leaves your chair, they become a walking billboard for your business. So teaching them how to style at home is not just important for them, but it could also boost your clientele.

Blow-Drying 101:

Let’s face it, the average guy is not using a blow dryer daily. So trying to teach them how to blow-dry with a round brush could scare them away from this tool forever. Instead, use words and products that are easy to understand and use. 


Pro Talk: "Prep The Hair"

Try This Instead: “Apply A Styling Product Before Blowdrying" 

Keep products to a minimum, but make sure they pack a punch by recommending something versatile. Every hair type, depending on its need, will require a product to enhance the blow dry. Matty recommends PRIMER from Victory Barber & Brand™ because it makes hair feel thicker and fuller and creates a solid foundation for styling, whether the client air dries or blow-dries, without leaving the hair crunchy.

Client homework: Have them style their hair one day without using PRIMER and then the next day with it. This way, they know exactly how the product helps with styling. 

Pro Talk: “Evenly Distribute Airflow”

Try This Instead: “Keep The Blow Dryer Moving”

“Keeping the blow dryer stagnant while moving the brush will flatten the hair in the front and create volume in the back," Matty explains. So it’s important that the blow dryer keeps moving and the airflow moves from roots to ends. Remember: Clients don’t need a brush to blow-dry—their hand will work just fine, as long as they know to keep it moving.  

Pro Tip: Know where the “client center” is. “I tell my clients to brush everything back and to the center,” Matty explains. “For us, the center is the top of the head, but for clients it’s the center back.”

Pro Talk: “Overdirect To Create Volume”

Try This Instead: “Lift Hair Up Away From The Head & Face”

If the client wants volume, overdirection is the answer. But instead of using a word he doesn't understand, show them that simply lifting the hair up or forward will create volume in the areas they want. 

Pro Talk: "Finishing" 

Try This Instead: "Styling Your Hair Using Product" 

If your client is loading up on the wrong product, the results can cause further styling frustration. Below, Matty breaks down three classic styles and the products clients need to recreate them.  

Classic Styles: For straight-haired clients with shorter cuts, Comb POMADE from Victory Barber & Brand™ through the hair to create a smooth, polished style with high to medium shine. 

Wavy, Tousled Curls:
Over-styling natural waves with gel can look heavy and greasy. Avoid weighing down waves by suggesting a product with a matte finish. The Dry Grooming Cream from Victory is perfect for giving clients with longer locks effortless texture with a natural finish. 

Maximum Separation & Texture: For clients that want to embrace their inner rockstar, they will need a product that has a firm, controlled hold. CLAYMORE from Victory will help enhance the texture created in their haircut and create maximum separation for a spiky, messy finish.


Show & Tell: Properly Applying Products

Avoid product overload by teaching clients how to apply starting in the back. Typically, guys apply products in the areas they can see—aka the front only. So explain that starting in back and working up to the front will give their style an even hold. 

Pro Teaching Tip: At their next appointment, ask them how at-home styling is going. If they are still struggling, Matty suggests having them blow-dry their hair at the end of the appointment so you are able to help them with a step they might be getting wrong.


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Beard Basics

A simple beard breakdown can help your client maintain a healthy scruff at home. Below, Matty shares the most important components to every beard and how to easily explain them. 


Beard Clients Need To Know These TWO Main Areas Of Their Beard 

What Pros Call Area #1: Beard Interior

Try This Instead: “The bulk of the beard—aka how long and thick it is.” 

What Pros Call Area #2: Beard Outline 

Try This Instead: “The shape of the beard—made from three lines.” 

  • Line #1: Base Line. The bottom part of the beard. 
  • Line #2: Top Line. The line that is directly on the skin from the corner of the sideburn to the corner of the lip.
    • Top Line Rules: The top line should complement the face shape—follow these quick rules:
      • Rule #1: If they have a fuller face, keep the top line clean and straight to create a leaner appearance.
      • Rule #2: If their face is on the leaner side, the top line should be slightly rounded, giving them a fuller look.
  • Line #3: The line that sits above the lip but below the mustache.

Go-To Grooming Tools

It’s probably safe to say that your client already has these tools in his bathroom, but might not know how to use them properly. Below are some client-friendly ways to explain how to use them.  

  • For Taming Beard Bulk: Clippers 
    • Easy Explanation: “Clippers will help you remove a lot of hair at once, perfect for getting control of a wild beard.”  
  • For Maintaining Shape: Trimmers 
    • Easy Explanation: “Trimmers have much finer teeth, great for cleaning lines close to the skin and detailing the outline.”


Suggest The Right Products For A Clean And Touchable Beard 

For Cleansing

Matty’s best advice for keeping a beard clean and kiss-worthy: DITCH THE BAR SOAP.

Here’s why: “What a client washes their beard with directly reflects how healthy it is,” Matty explains. Bar soap can be drying to both the skin and facial hair, which can irritate the skin, make a beard itchy and give their partner a serious beard burn. The WASH Hair & Beard Cleanser from Victory Barber & Brand™ is made with natural conditioning oils and plant-based cleansers, so it cleanses without overdrying anything.


For Touchability

Beard oils are having a moment, but they are also essential to creating a soft, touchable scruff. Your client may already have a beard oil in their bathroom cabinet, just make sure they are using a product that is beneficial and doesn’t just smell great. 

Matty suggests avoiding these ingredients:

  • Heavy oils like avocado or almond oil. “These heavy oils sit on the surface of the beard. Meaning, they don’t absorb into the hair and skin which can make beards greasy and can clog pores leading to breakouts.” 
  • Perfume oils/fragrant oils. Perfume oils don’t dissipate, staying fragrant for longer, which can lead to irritation. 

Instead, suggest a beard oil that is made with micro-fine and essential oils. “The BEARD OIL from Victory Barber & Brand™ is made with jojoba and grapeseed oil, so it is really moisturizing to both hair and face,” Matty explains. Don’t worry, BEARD OIL is made with essential oils, so clients can still smell good without giving their partner a headache.  


Check Out The Video Below For A Full Grooming Tutorial From Matty! 

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