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Note: Stockist Cases are now sold in denominations of 6 or 12. We are no longer carrying Stockist single units.

A gravity-defying texture paste with a woodsy fragrance and an extra-dry finish. Ideal for creating perfectly disheveled hairstyles that look effortlessly cool.

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Medium hold / Matte finish


Revolutionary oil-free formula that feels weightless and stays matte.

How To Use

Layer it on and re-apply Super-Dry for added texture and control without the extra weight.

For optimal results, work a fingerful between your palms until soft, apply to blow-dried hair.

Smells Like

A log cabin

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Steve Fox
mustache wax plus

Put it on my mustache (heavily) let it dry and got great control but without being stiff. Increased volume and softness - great for my mustache training regime! Great manly scent, too!

Terry Popham (Duncanville, US)

Unlike the other products I’ve used, Super Dry is non-greasy. It holds good and makes my beard look great. Give it a try!

Roberto (Sacramento, US)
Smell great, feels great, does great

Victory is the best part of my grooming ritual. Smells amazing, feels amazing- not sticky or stinky!!! Hold and appearance is consistent threw the whole day and long fun filled nights!!!

Paul Park (Portland, US)
Super Awesome!!!

☆☆☆☆☆! Howdy!!
I was sold when I read, "Smells like, a log cabin!" (Or, something to that effect!) No other product that I've used, in my 46 years in the occupation, compares! My clients LOVE how it performs, as much as I do! (And... the scent!)

💈 Yours truly, "Paul Bunyan"

Mordred (New Vernon, US)
Best Pomade Going

Phenomenal, to pliable hold that has very nice lifting power and a wonderful, mainly scent. If you're willing to do a quick.blowdry with a minimal amount of Primer, you will create amazingly nice, matte finish styles. Scent drives the ladies wild! Haven't found a bette all around pomade. Product consistency is very dense, work it into your hands and massage into hair, then brush or comb.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super-Dry hair paste?

Victory Brand Super-Dry is an oil-free texture paste with a matte finish and a medium hold. It creates more natural-feeling separation in the hair while still providing strong control and maintaining volume.

When should I use Super-Dry hair paste?

Use Super-Dry in any hair type to create effortless-looking texture in the hair or to create added volume and control to a blow-dry. It’s an ideal choice for people who want to style their hair with a more natural or matte finish. Don’t want to look all day like you just got out of the shower? Victory Brand Super-Dry is made for you.

How do I apply Super-Dry hair paste?

Apply a fingerful of Victory Brand Super-Dry to blow-dried hair using your fingertips to create a highly texturized look.

To create additional volume and a natural finish, apply a small amount of Super-Dry to damp hair and blow-dry it in using a vent brush, round brush or even just your fingertips.

Problem & Solution

Most hair pastes contain oils that can quickly weigh the hair down and build up over time. Victory Brand Super-Dry has an oil-free formulation that maintains volume and texture all day long without weighing the hair down.

Super-Dry is ideal for fine hair! While sticky, oily pastes tend to clump fine hairs together, making the hair look even finer, the ultra matte finish of Victory Brand Super-Dry provides a slight thickening effect and helps control fine hair without making it look finer.

Is it water-soluble?

Victory Brand Super-Dry is a carnauba-based, oil-free formula. While it is not 100% percent water-soluble, it is incredibly easy to remove and does not weigh the hair down due to build-up.

Will it weigh my hair down?

Because of Victory Brand Super-Dry’s revolutionary oil-free formula, it will never weigh your hair down and is ideal for creating additional volume!

Can I use it in fine hair?

Victory Brand Super-Dry is the IDEAL product for fine hair as it doesn’t clump the hair together (which could make it appear even finer)! It is super concentrated, which means a little goes a long way.

Is it very sticky?

Because it doesn’t contain oil, Victory Brand Super-Dry feels soft and creamy when it is rubbed between the palms. This makes it easy to apply and leaves the hair touchable, not sticky.

Should I apply this wet or dry?

BOTH! Apply Victory Brand Super-Dry to dry hair to create a true matte effect with a big amount of hold and separation, or apply it to damp hair and blow-dry it in for a truly natural look. It’s great on curly hair, too—work it into curls and let them air-dry for a fantastic, frizz-free finish.