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Beards 101: A Guide To Trimming & Caring For A Healthy Scruff


Whether you’re a famous and celebrated "beardsman" or you are just a newbie who's embracing the quarantine beard trend, know this: There is more to growing a beard than simply not shaving. Grooming, proper cleansing and maintenance is KEY to rocking a majestic beard that looks good, feels good and increases your sense of manhood. That's why we asked Matty Conrad, Founder of Victory Barber & Brand™ and 2018 Canadian Barber of the Year to share everything you need to keep your beard full, soft and always looking handsome.

Get To Know Your Beard: 

Staring in the mirror with no clue what you’re looking at? Growing a beard is one thing, but keeping it well-groomed is another. Below, Matty breaks down the basic components of a beard and the tools you need to keep them from looking wild and unruly. 

The 2 main components of a beard are:

1. Beard Interior: This is how thick and long the beard is—aka the bulk of your beard.

2. Beard Outline: The shape of your beard along the edges.

Here's How To Keep The Outline Sharp:

The outline is determined by three lines:

1. Base Line: The bottom part of the beard. 

Base Line Tip: Wise words from Matty: “A strong jawline is the whole point of growing a beard.” This is done by having a clean line from the corner of the jaw to the Adam’s apple. 

2. Top Line: The line that is directly on the skin from the corner of the sideburn to the corner of the lip.

Top Line Tip: The top line should complement the face shape—follow these quick rules:

Rule #1: If you have a fuller face, create a leaner appearance by keeping the top line clean and straight.

Rule #2: If your face is on the leaner side, the top line should be slightly rounded, giving you a fuller look

3. Lip Line: The line that sits above the lip but below the mustache. 

Lip Line Tip: To keep your mustache symmetrical to beard length, Matty advises using the trimmer at an angle to create a peak in the center of the mustache. Then, glide the trimmer down to create a soft angle from the center peak to the corner of the mouth. 

Matty’s Go-To Tools For Grooming:

Interior Tool: Clippers. This tool is meant to remove a lot of hair at once, so it is perfect for making sure you wear your beard, and it doesn’t wear you.

Outline Tool: Trimmers. Trimmers have much finer teeth, great for cleaning lines close to the skin and detailing the outline.

First Time Growing A Beard? Embrace The Stubble!

If you have worked up enough nerve to start your beard journey, let the hair grow for three to four weeks. The natural growth of the hair will determine the shape, so pay attention to patchy and/or thicker areas and stay the course. 

Use The Right Products For A Beard That is Clean, Soft AND Touchable

Did you know: Using the wrong cleanser on your beard can lead to buildup and bacteria UNDER your beard? GROSS! Matty’s best advice for keeping your beard clean and kiss-worthy: DITCH THE BAR SOAP.

Here’s why: “What you wash your beard with directly reflects how healthy it is,” Matty explains. Bar soap can be drying to both the skin and facial hair, which can irritate the skin, make your beard itchy and give your partner a serious beard burn. The WASH Hair & Beard Cleanser from Victory Barber & Brand™ is made with natural conditioning oils and plant-based cleansers, so you can cleanse without overdrying the skin. 

Ask anyone with a solid skincare routine: NEVER skip the moisturizer. And that goes for beards too! Beard oils are great for moisturizing facial hair, but Matty suggests avoiding these ingredients:

  • Heavy oils like avocado or almond oil. “These heavy oils sit on the surface of the beard. Meaning, they don’t absorb into the hair and skin which can make beards greasy and can clog pores leading to breakouts.” 
  • Perfume oils/ fragrant oils. Sure we all want to smell good, but perfume oils don’t dissipate, staying fragrant for longer, which can lead to headaches and irritation. 

Instead, choose a beard oil that is made with micro-fine and essential oils. “The BEARD OIL from Victory Barber & Brand™ is made with jojoba and grapeseed oil, so it is really moisturizing to both hair and face,” Matty explains. Don’t worry, BEARD OIL is made with essential oils, so you can still smell good without the Pepe Le Pew effect.

Check Out The Video Below For A Full Grooming Tutorial From Matty!