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4 Blow Drying Tips To Teach Male Clients


It’s no secret, most male clients aren’t pros when it comes to using a blow dryer. If clients are struggling to recreate their style at home, it might be time for a lesson while they are in your chair. Below, Victory Barber & Brand™ Founder Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad) breaks down four easy steps to teach male clients how to master the blow dry. Scroll down to check them out!

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1. Keep Prep Simple

Matty only preps with one product: PRIMER from Victory Barber & Brand™. “It gives the hair volume and fullness but is mixed with a tonic so it doesn’t leave the hair looking crunchy,” he explains.  

2. Break It Down Into Sections

Male clients can be overwhelmed when it comes to styling, so give them simple sectioning patterns that are easy to follow, but still beneficial. For styling a classic, back-flowing haircut Matty creates two sections—where he wants volume and where he doesn’t:

  • First, section out a triangle at the front of the hair. This is where the style has the most volume.
  • Everything else will be smoothed back and down. 

3. Keep The Blow Dryer & Brush Moving Together

One key thing to remember when smoothing hair down: The airflow needs to go from the roots towards the ends and the blow dryer has to keep moving. “Keeping the blow dryer stagnant while moving the brush will flatten the hair in the front and create volume in the back," Matty explains. If the client isn’t comfortable with a brush, their hand will work just fine, as long as the airflow is directed back.  

matty_conrad_stockist_blowdry Pro Teaching Tip: Clients and pros don’t speak the same hair language. “I tell my clients to brush everything back and to the center,” Matty explains. “For us, the center is the top of the head, but for clients it’s the center back.”  

4. Overdirect To Create Volume 

Clients tend to only worry about styling the areas they can see, but that can result in styles that fall flat (especially in the back). In the front section, have them start at the back and gradually work their way forward. Check out the steps below:


  • Start by lifting the hair straight up from the head. Then, guide it back using the blow dryer to smooth everything to the center. 
  • Working forward, gradually taking more hair into each section. This will prevent the style from caving in throughout the day. 
  • At the hairline, bring the hair completely over the face and then smooth it back. “Guys don’t think about overdirection when styling,” Matty explains. “So explain to them that to create volume, pull the hair in the opposite direction of where they want it to fall, blow-dry it at the roots, then smooth it back.” he adds.  

Pro Teaching Tip: At their next appointment, ask them how at-home styling is going. If they are still struggling, Matty suggests having them blow dry their hair at the end of the appointment so you are able to help them with a step they might be getting wrong.