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Victory Barber & Brand Founder Matty Conrad on Social Media and Influences

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Featured on: beautylaunchpad.com

Matty Conrad, founder of Victory Barber & Brand and Schwarzkopf Professional featured artist, chats with Launchpad's Jasmine Coreas about unusual influences, social media and client advice.

Mind Your Clients

Cut hair for your clients. I see too many barbers turning their clientele into Instagram models, rather than truly paying attention to what’s best for them. Always remember that clients are there for themselves, not for you. They’re paying you for the haircut they want.

Under The Influence

I am fascinated and inspired by history, especially World War II. The time period influenced the design and style of my shop, my product line and all of my early barbering work eight years ago. Unique influences help to make your work special.

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Be Social 

Curate your social media page like it’s a magazine about your life. Pick only the best photos, always tell a story and show people who you are. When was the last time you picked up a magazine that only featured haircuts?

Picture Perfect

When on a studio set, don’t be so committed to your plans that you don’t leave room for magic to happen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into the studio with one idea and come out with something completely different that looked a million times stronger.

Face The Music

I love jazz and that bluesy rock vibe (think The Black Keys and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats). That’s the kind of music I play in my shop.

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To The Minute

In my downtime I do a lot of carpentry projects, ride my motorcycle, work on my vintage convertible, travel and spend time with my dog. But the truth is that between running four shops, a brand and an extensive education calendar, there isn’t a whole lot of free time.

Go-To Product

Victory Barber & Brand™ SUPER-DRY. It gives mind-blowing texture with an ultra-matte finish that makes hair look effortlessly cool.