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Frequently Asked Questions

What is beard oil used for?

Victory Brand Beard Oil is a superior moisturizing oil for the skin and beard hair. As beards get longer, the hair and skin often become dry due to environmental stresses. Victory Brand Beard Oil uses organic, micro-fine oils that penetrate the beard and skin, leaving it moisturized and smelling fresh.

When should I use beard oil?

Use Victory Brand Beard Oil on longer or medium-length beards to help relieve dryness and itch. You can use it every day as part of your daily grooming routine, or just when your glorious-looking facial pelt demands it.

How do I apply beard oil?

Take 3-5 drops and rub them between your palms. Apply it thoroughly throughout the beard. Brush the beard into place using your Victory Brand Barber Brush.


Problem & Solution

Many beard oils contain base carriers that are molecularly too large to penetrate the hair, resulting in an oily, shiny look to the beard. Victory Brand Beard Oil is handmade made from organic, micro-fine oils that penetrate the hair within minutes, leaving the beard looking natural and healthy. No more mister shiny beard!

Many beard oils use synthetic fragrance oils to make them smell good. These oils are designed to smell "strong for long,” but over the course of the day when they are applied right under your nose, they can cause headaches and even nausea. Victory Brand Beard Oil uses only essential oils for its fragrance that dissipate naturally and have a positive aromatherapeutic benefit.

What does it smell like?

Victory Brand Beard Oil smells like a subtle blend of lavender, cedar and spruce.

Will it help me grow a beard?

No… it has no medicated properties, and honestly, I don’t know anything that will. The best advice we can give you is stop shaving and wait…

Can I use it to shave?

YES… but be quick. Shave oils are primarily thicker and heavier, which makes them glide over the skin. Victory Brand Beard Oil absorbs into the skin and moisturizes it, which means less glide but also less shine.

Do I need to use a beard oil?

No… but we recommend it to most people who suffer from dry beard, itchy skin, or any man who wants to freshen up his chin curtain.

Should I use a comb with it?

We recommend the Victory Brand Barber Brush. Combs often put too much tension on the beard hair and remove more than a brush will. The natural bristles will also help spread the oils through the beard evenly.