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Keep your hair looking devastatingly handsome at home or abroad with the Deluxe Field Kit.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 3.1oz Pomade for creating classic smooth looks that will make your Grandpa proud.
  • (1) 3.1oz Claymore for creating rough and ready looks with tons of texture
  • (1) 3.1 oz Super-Dry for creating effortlessly cool looks in medium and fine hair.
  • (1) Vintage Military Green Heritage Dopp kit made of durable waxed canvas and whiskey tanned leather. A quality travel companion for any gentleman.

Customer Reviews

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R Baird (Indialantic, US)
That Old Time Quality

The Victory Beard Care Kit is an outstanding combination of products. The beard oil and wash have a nice subtle fragrance that does not overwhelm. I will be buying the larger 16 oz Victory Wash soon, so I make sure I do not run out. The brush is good quality, but starts out a little stiff. It is slowly softening up, but does a great job. Honestly, it probably needs the stiffness or it would not do the excellent job it does. I was amazed by the softness of my beard after following the beard care instructions using these products per the YouTube videos. Next, the case is where the review title really gets its name. The case is serious old time quality. The material inside and out are sturdy and of a good thickness. Additionally, the zipper and hanging loop are really nice solid brass construction that I am sure will last for many years to come. The only thing that could make this better is if there was an option that included one (or even all…ok maybe that is overkill) of the products like Victory Super Dry.
This was definitely a good purchase and am very happy to have found Victory Barber & Brand. Please keep making your videos Matty Conrad and keep the products coming. You have definitely improved my grooming skills and tool kit.

John Lyman (Richmond, US)
Overall high marks

Nothing negative to say. This and the videos are really bringing out my Grizzly Adams. I would say perhaps the smaller wash bottle should perhaps be a bit larger given the cost on the larger bottle of beard wash. But overall great products.

Darryl Carter (Hollywood, US)

Purchased the Premium beard kit 28 days ago and didn’t use it right away, bad mistake on my part 😡 so last weekend July 9th which last Saturday, after my wife cut my hair and trim my beard I decided what better to put these products to the test than now; and Holy moly to my amazement it was instant results right away; not only could see the difference but feel as well after only applying for the very first time…. BYE BYE!!! Art of Shaving products. So the question is should I purchase this product: my question is: you haven’t already 🤣 YES YOU SHOULD!!!
- DC

David Teague
It is Good Product, But....

So far I was using the oil and the Super Dry paste and they both work well. I recently was able to start using the beard wash, but it seems as though it is irritating my skin when I wash my beard. The primer is well for my hair and does what it needs to do. But that as wellalmost gives the feeling of a leave in conditioner. It is well, but for what I paid for everything, I expected better. I would always tell someone to try it, but this product may not be for me.

Joe Deblock (Muskegon, US)
Great products

PRIMER Volume & Texture Tonic aroma is great, my wife loves it. This did wonders for my hair. Wash leaves a clean feel, clean smell. It's all great stuff.