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These poly cotton blend / high thread count hair cutting capes give you that classic barbershop feel because they were custom-designed by the crew at Victory Barber & Brand.

Some Features That Make It One Of The Best Capes Out There:

  • Machine washable 
  • Extra-large size is 44”x 60” for full client coverage.
  • High thread count poly cotton blend prevents hair build-up.
  • Comfort fit neck is fully adjustable for sizes XS to XXXL.
  • Weighted ribbing for better draping.
  • Antique brass hardware.
  • Ultra classic pinstripe pattern.
  • No big logo splashed across the front (just a tasteful little corner tag).

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Patrick Hurd
Premium Quality with a noticeable premium feel!

The vintage barber cape has exceeded the expectation of my barbers. They absolutely love this product and the clients love the way it feels.

Danielle Saxton (Manahawkin, US)
Neat, Crisp and clean

I loved these capes as soon as I saw them on instagram. They appeared neat, crisp and clean. When they showed up to my shop they were just that!
Looking forward to using them as soon as we are open here at Bruno's Barbershop in Manahawkin,NJ!

Mike (Sparrows Point, US)

These capes are great but they are a magnet for hair. I have to take them outside and shake them off after every customer

Hair Fixin’ Vixen (Bainbridge Island, US)
Clean, Durable, Versatile, Vintage... what more do you want?

I love that these are vintage barber capes but what with COVID, they have that clean, 'the doctor will see you now' kind of vibe as well. There are many neck snaps, so these can fit a wide range of neck sizes.

Clean, Durable, Versatile, Vintage... what more do you want? Ok, sure. There are other things want, but this is a superb start!

BarberSheryl (Shreveport, US)
Best cutting capes

Classy, Classic look! Love the gathered neck & the generous size. Left me wondering where these have been my whole career, (20+ years) but thankful that I've found them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this cape for?

The Victory Brand Cutting Cape is designed specifically for use on the male clients in your barbershop or salon.

Why is this cape so special?

I wanted to have a cape that had an ultra-classic, traditional look but was premium in both feel and function.

How is it different from other capes?

The ultra-classic pinstripe pattern brings a heritage feel to every grooming service. The breathable poly-cotton blend allows for maximum comfort and reduces the heat buildup around the neck, reducing perspiration that causes hair to stick to the neck. Its generous size ensures that it completely covers any client both in front and at the back of the chair, and the ample amount of vintage snaps helps ensure a tight fit on the neck of almost any client.

Problem & Solution

Most capes are made of nylon or polyester and trap heat inside, causing heat to come out at the neck opening. This is not only uncomfortable for clients—it also creates perspiration and makes hair stick to the neck. The Victory Brand Cape is made of a breathable poly-cotton blend, making it comfortable but durable.

Traditionally, classic capes use a separate clip mechanism to hold the neck closed, and they are almost useless without it. These clips usually go to live somewhere with single socks from the dryer, keys, your high school yearbook, or other things that get lost and are never seen again. The Victory Brand Cutting Cape comes specifically fitted with vintage snaps that create a wide array of possible sizes, so you never need to go looking for your clasp again.

Many low-budget capes are smaller in size and result in hair getting all over the client’s pants and lap, as well as down the back of the chair. The Victory Brand Cutting Cape generously covers both the front and back of the chair, ensuring your client stays clean.

Can I use this for coloring?

No. We do not recommend it. A poly-cotton blend is far from waterproof and will easily stain if color lands on it.

Is it machine washable?

YES! Our newest update to our Cutting Cape makes it fully machine-washable with little or no shrinking.

Won't hair stick to it?

Not very much. Because the cape itself is made of high thread count cotton, it is easy to remove hair with a strong shake. Over time, a small amount of hair may stick to the fibers. With regular washing this should not present a problem.